Why Choose zingFit®?

zingFit is different, here's how

Focus on the Brand

We are wScreenshot 2015-07-09 10.41.29eb designers as well as software engineers so, to us, the aesthetics of the web scheduling experience for your boutique cycling clients is equally important to the elegance of the underlying functionality. zingFit online scheduling is delivered within the context of your website design, not in a separate pop-up interface.

Website Ownership

zingFit CMS lets you use a standard, password-protected browser to control content for your entire website not just the online class scheduling component.

A variety of ready-made pages including: classes, pricing, instructors, FAQ, press; or customize your own

Spot Schedulingschedule

Clients can book specific spot resources online, like their favorite cycling bike. We will help you build a visual map of your indoor studio spots available for booking.

Personal Performance Data

Calories burned, average power generated, average RPM spun up, etc., emailed to you each time you ride and then averaged and archived for you in your zingFit online profile.