Integration & Web Development Questions

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You can schedule a meeting regarding your data migration, your kickoff meeting, a call to catch up on your integration or ask questions regarding web development. Choose the best option below.

Kickoff Meeting

Start here! So, you’ve signed your contract and what’s next? This first meeting gives you the overview of steps you’ll need to take, approximate timelines, good things to keep in mind, and what to expect during your onboarding and integration process. Let’s get started!

Integration Support Meeting

Want to check in on where you are in the process of your site integration? Any other questions you have about onboarding? Feeling stuck on filling out a particular form? Schedule a time so we can help you out!

Site Review Meeting

Have you been notified we are ready for you to submit your Site Review? Let us help to guide your review submission to be as easy and smooth as possible. We want to help your site go live!

Web Development Consulting

Are you or your designers wondering what’s possible, or wanting some guidance on design functionality or integration? Feel free to schedule time with our Web Development team to get those questions answered.

Data Migration Meeting

Are you migrating any data over from another system? If so, we want to walk you through what the data migration process will look like, let you know which data is possible to migrate, and answer any questions you may have. Schedule this as soon as possible after your integration Kickoff meeting.