US Merchant Processing Rates (via FirstData)

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US Merchant Processing Rates (via FirstData)

MasterCard, Visa, Discover


* Interchange plus .20% plus $.20 per transaction

AMEX OptBlue


* Interchange plus .50% plus $.15 per transaction

   Other rates as on your application agreement

    $10.00 month bank fee

    $ 3.95 month reg. fee

    $79 annual PCI fee

     $15 Chargeback fee

Gateway (


    $35/month includes ability to store customer credit cards/support recurring transactions

    $.10 per transaction

    $25 one-time setup

Ten things you need to know about processing with AMG:


If you would like to understand the difference between interchange + and tiered rates, this is a thorough guide.

Here is a good guide with links to the interchange pricing tables: