Let's get your training scheduled!

For your integration, you will need to book three sessions, which each last an hour:


Three one-hour training sessions are included when you first sign-up with zingFit. These “Integration” sessions can be reserved by following the link below. You can also reserve additional training if desired at $125/session.

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See below for advanced training

***PLEASE NOTE: The person who will be responsible for managing your zingFit system (System Manager) must attend all training sessions. This will also be the authorized person who will work with our help desk regarding any system questions or configuration requests. If this person changes, the new System Manager must be trained by your existing manager or sign up for training sessions as required to ensure they are adequately trained in the zingFit system. ***

We recommend reviewing our Preparation for zingFit Training Sessions in our Knowlege Base prior to your training sessions. As many people as desired can join to participate in the sessions.  See instructions to connect to training sessions below. Click “Schedule” next to the session you’d like to book to get started.

Our Knowledge Base is a handy site that will prove to be very useful even after your integration is complete. Bookmark it now! It’s full of guides, tips and information regarding our latest systems updates. Think of it as the google of zingFit.



These optional advanced training sessions are available to you after the integration process training sessions are complete.

You can request a session for reporting or marketing noted below, or schedule a customized session to cover particular questions you might have.

Learn how to get the most from zingFit reports.

Detailed review and consultation for using the myriad of zingFit integration marketing programs.


You can connect to the training in FOUR easy steps:

1. DOWNLOAD the Uber Conference extension in your Google CHROME browser using this link: https://www.uberconference.com/features/chrome_app (please do this in advance of the training session)
2. NAVIGATE to www.uberconference.com/{enter code provided in reservation email} using your Google CHROME browser
3. INTRODUCE YOURSELF – Enter your name/details and click “JOIN”
4. PARTICIPATE. Use the icons on the bottom of the screen to decide how to interact. We recommend MIC & SPEAKERS.

We’ll send an email with this information as well once you reserve your session!