Sample Web Development Pricing

Your site will grow and change - here's what you can expect.

After your site is up and running with zingFit, you will most likely decide to modify some elements on your site. You will also find that, as the internet evolves, your site will require updates – just like a great new car requires an oil change and new tires. Here’s what you can expect when budgeting for the on-going maintenance of your website.

This guide does not replace the quote that will be provided based on your specific request. It is only meant to provide you with a general idea of site development costs.


Most Common Changes

  • Spot Scheduled Room (modification): $175
  • Spot Scheduled Room (new room): $250
  • Navigation/Menu – 3+ changes to copy and url: $175
  • Navigation/Menu – new dropdown: $250


Web Development Examples

  • Navigation/Menu – styling changes (colors, fonts, spacing): $150
  • Troubleshooting Minor Bugs: $150
  • Instructors Page Development: $250
  • Instructor Detail Page Development: $350
  • Editable slider: $450
  • Spot Scheduled Room + Design: $500