Mindbody Online Software Compared

If you are serious about creating a fitness brand, there is really no comparison.


Highly-Branded Online Scheduling

Elegant Multiple-Studio Support

Integrated Spot Scheduling

Branded E-Retail Store

Social Integration

Product Upsells

Customer Referrals

Branded System Emails

Rewards & Loyalty Campaigns

Integrated Metrics Dashboard



3rd Party

3rd Party

3rd Party

3rd Party


Here are TEN great reasons why you should partner with zingFit!

  1. zingFit™ helps create websites that look great
    zingFit maintains a web development network of designers and developers to help you make an extraordinary web presence that accentuates your studio’s online brand. Check out example sites displayed in our homepage gallery.
  2. zingFit Online Scheduling is Integrated
    The scheduling and reserve pages are a studio website’s most frequented and most bookmarked pages. When studio clients bookmark these pages in the Mindbody Online Software pop-up window, they may never return to the studio website: a loss to the brand, a loss of the ability to upsell clients, a loss of conversion tracking, and a loss to domain authority which is essential for search engine optimization (SEO).
    Unlike working with Mindbody Online Software third-party plugins, zingFit online scheduling keeps the customer within the client branded website from class schedule page to checkout.
    To this end, zingFit offers integrated rewards programs, customer referral incentives, sign-in waivers, email marketing, and even a staff intranet.
  3. Mobile Scheduling
    The zingFit system uses a web-based mobile interface for online scheduling from mobile devices. This means:

    • no app download required for the studio customer
    • automatic support across a wide range of non-PC devices including iPhone, Android & Blackberry, etc.
    • no set-up time or monthly fee required

    And your customers won’t be introduced to competing studios via the Mindbody Connect app.

  4. Spot Scheduling™ (Book a Bike/Mat)
    No one else offers integrated Spot Scheduling™. Studios can permit online scheduling customers to reserve specific equipment within the studio (indoor cycling bike, yoga mat, treadmill, etc.)
  5. E-Retail
    As with other zingFit-branded customer touch-points, the zingFit SHOP™ provides an e-retail solution that integrates beautifully with any website. SHOP brags advanced features such as Google Product Feed, shipping rate look-ups and label printing. Studios can even offer products as upsells each time a studio customer books a class.
  6. Social Scheduling
    Studio customers can share bookings via Facebook and Twitter, buy a spot in the class for a friend, and be rewarded by the studio for inviting friends to join the studio. And, coming soon … studio customers will be able to filter the schedule by Facebook friends in addition to ‘getting social’ once they enter the online booking room … this is going to be fun!
  7. zingFit is about engagement
    Our software platform offers a suite of engagement tools meant to attract, reward, and keep your clients coming back for more.
  8. Personal performance data tracking
    Via partnerships with Performance IQ and Spivi, zingFit displays customer personal performance history directly in their studio profiles; this include cycling power (RPM, Distance, Calories, etc.) and Heart Rate Metrics (Ave Heart Rate, Effort and Calories). Studios report that customers using these tools work harder and so are more satisfied staying with the program longer. Isn’t that what customer retention is all about?
  9. zingFit elegantly supports multiple studios
    zingFit offers easy website navigation, monthly pricing discounts, and segregated reporting for organizations with multiple studio locations.

    • Customers can navigate easily between studios on the website and see only information pertaining to their preferred studio (schedule, pricing, instructor, class listings etc.)
    • Studios with different class prices at different locations can much more easily present appropriate pricing with many less customer questions.
    • Studios with additional studio locations enjoy significant discounts on licensing & hosting fees for online zingFit scheduling. Deeper discounts are offered for organizations managing five studios or more.
    • zingFit’s excellent reporting engine lets studio owners segregate revenues by studio and then view performance reports for each studio.
  10. Personal, Professional Attention
    While Mindbody online is busy on-boarding 1500 studios each month, zingFit staff is focused on you, your studio, your website, your customer experience…