zingFit Integration Pricing

Because we integrate your online scheduling using your website design instead of via a pop-up window or iFrame, some development work is required. Standard Integration includes website design integration, training, and system configuration.

FULL INTEGRATION Template Development ($TBD)
Client website Content Pages will be hosted on zingFit servers. Custom accommodation will be made so that all content specified by Client will be made editable by zingFit using its proprietary Content Management System (“CMS”).  zingFit will work with the studio and its design team to estimate template development expenses (typically $3500 – $5000)

Advantages of Full Integration include:
– Scheduling pages are on the main website domain/URL (better for SEO, data tracking and branding)
– Dynamic pages can link content with scheduling, class and instructor profile data
– Custom pricing pages are available with dynamic display of details for class packages and memberships
– Studio customers can easily switch between multiple studio locations
– All studios share a single customer database for unified login
– A Content Management System (“CMS”) is provided to manage all site content


Room Design Integration ($250 per room)
– zingFit creates bookable spot map (Spot Scheduling™) using Client-provided custom design that represents the position of class resources (bikes/benches/mats/fans/window …)

Mobile Scheduling (Advanced Branding) ($500)
– The mobile web app will be fully branded to include website typography, background and link colors and brand images.

Branded Email ($250 per template)
– Automated system emails will be branded with Client-provided design (header, footer and font specification)


Mindbody Online Subscriber Data ($350, first studio – call/email for multiple studios)
– to migrate Mindbody subscription data information into the zingFit system
Mindbody Online Credit Card Data (no charge)
– Mindbody does charge $600 per data share to provide zingFit with the credit card data export


Regions Set-up ($250 per region)


SHOP E-Retail Store Set-up ($500 per inventory collection)