Scheduling and Engagement Software for Boutique Fitness

The best boutique studios are looking to deliver a seamless, branded customer experience. From web to bike, to every digital touch point between the studio and the customer, zingFit helps make it seamless for the customer, and helps the studios efficiently manage their business.

Today, boutique fitness customers expect booking a class, Spot Scheduling® a bike, checking-in, getting on their favorite bike, and receiving class metrics/rewards to be an easy process. Our customer-focused approach ensures a seamless customer journey, along with engagement moments that include social sharing, e-commerce, peer-to-peer booking and more.

And for studio owners, the zingFit platform puts the studio brand first, delivering a highly-branded experience. The suite of cloud-based tools includes a full-featured scheduling system tailored to group fitness, peer-to-peer marketing, social integration, content management, an e-commerce shop, retail sales, inventory, payroll, and enterprise-strength reporting and a REST API.

Boutique fitness operators who are serious about their business and committed to a highly-branded seamless experience choose zingFit.