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Below you'll find nearly anything you need to submit designs, urgent requests, new locations and more

Web Development and Urgent Requests

Urgent Requests

If you are an existing customer and are experiencing an issue where customers are unable to reserve classes or purchase packages/products, please submit this form.

Web Development Change Request

To request a site design change or a new non-spot scheduled room please use this form. System changes or questions like modifying your booking window should be emailed to

New Location

You’re growing! Let us know about a new location you are adding as soon as possible. This form provides us with essential information to set up you 2nd, 3rd or 50th location.

Integration Forms

Submit Your Design For Integration

You may have sent us information so we can set up a temp site you can use for training, to begin entering your schedule/package data and maybe even to use temporarily to get up and running as soon as possible. We still need you to confirm the design that we will use for your branded integration.

Spot Scheduling – New Rooms and Spot Scheduled Room Changes

Use this form to submit the required assets for your spot scheduled room. If you would like us to estimate a design for you, please submit a rough draft of your numbered layout using the Web Development Change Request form above.

Site Review

Submit your integration site review. This is necessary to process any changes to your integration. Any changes that were not included in the design provided may be billable. We will accommodate anything we can.



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