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Elevate Yourself ... BOUTIQUE STUDIO owners serious about customer experience and branding wouldn't use any other online scheduling software solution. Book classes for indoor cycling, group personal training, cross fit, yoga ...

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Online Scheduling Software

Studio clients use the web or mobile device/phone to easily book online a single session or series of classes – clients can even choose a specific bike, mat or other resource using a visual map of the studio.

Instructors love how easily they can set-up fitness sessions, manage classes and even send emails to enrolled customers. Online payments and physical credit card swipes are both supported.

Studio Management

Easily manage all aspects of your studio from POS transactions, to client relationships and bottom line analysis. Our core software includes:

  • POS register
  • client management
  • staff management
  • financial reporting and
  • marketing tools.

Website Ownership

ITS YOUR BRAND! You've worked hard to develop it and extend it to your website design - so don’t settle for pop-up windows or a corporate look in your online scheduling software.

Our CMS lets studio clients browse instructors and classes within the context of YOUR website; you can control the entire content or your website not just the online scheduling component.

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